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Is a HUNKR a race?

Yes and No.

Anytime you have a start line and a finish line, you're going to have racing going.

For the majority of us, a HUNKR is a chance to go for a Personal Record (PR). It's a race against ourselves, a personal challenge to see how fast we can complete 100 kilometers.

This has never been done in cycling. But, it's what makes training for a marathon or triathlon so fun. We train together, start together and go for our Personal Record.

Few plan or hope to come in first.

All are going for a good time - literally and figuratively.

We also want to see how we stack up against the other participants in our age groups.

It'a a race, a totally new race format for cycling.

Do women race separate?

Women have two options:

We have an All Women starting group that will start last. This is for the women who want to roll out with women at the start. They may still catch many men.

Women who are going for the win, and who are comfortable rolling out with the men may start in the any group they chose.

Are there time cut offs?

Well yeah, of course.

This is a challenge to bring out your personal best. At HUNKR - OC you'll need to be heading out on your third lap by 12 Noon. You need to finish by 2pm.

This isn't arbitrary, it's proof you HUNKR'd down and had a great day on the bike.

Are there categories?

There are two main groups of categories: Over All and Age Group.

Overall winners will be awarded for men and women.

Age Group winners will be awarded in 5 year increments; 11-15, 16-20, 21-25 and so on.

Do I need to be a member of USA Cycling?

No, you don't need to be a member.

We use USA Cycling and Strava data to verify accuracy for those participants who estimate the faster finishing times.

Is everybody under 23 years old FREE?


Everybody who is under 23 years old can race for free. This is our effort to bring more youngsters into the sport. We may have to limit the amount of U23 racers in the future, but that's a long way off and a challenge we hope to have sooner rather than later.

Will there be MTB and Gravel HUNKRs?

Yes, for sure.

We believe in equal opportunity for all surfaces - Road, MTB and Gravel.

100K Gravel racing is the perfect epic distance. We may have a 1/2 option.

100K MTB racing will be quite a feat. A 1/2 option for MTB will be an option on most courses.