Course Maps


You’ll be going 100k (62.14 miles) and climbing approximately 4500′

We’ll start with a 1.2 mile non-timed neutral roll-out riding about 12 mph.  

A motorcycle will lead you through the neutral roll out and across the timing pad.  Do not pass the lead motorcycle and do not attempt to move up—you’ll have 100 kilometers of a challenging course to move up once you cross the start line and the timing starts.  

We will ride 8.9 miles on private roads (7.7 miles timed) before heading out to do three laps on Santiago Canyon Rd.  

You’ll take Santiago Canyon South past Cook’s Corner and onto the Aliso Creek Bike trail (the light at Ridgeline will be barricaded and you will not need to stop.)

You’re on the bike path for about 100 yards, you turn left (be careful here, do not pass), go through a wide tunnel, turn left, cross a timing pad and head back to the start.

Santiago Canyon Road is the only public road you’ll be on.  Obey the traffic laws, the road is open to cars.

Here is a link to a video of the public portion of the main loop, click here.

Here is a link to the segment on Strava.