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A HUNKR is a 100 kilometer bicycle race.

Our number one goal is to grow competitive cycling. Here’s how we plan to do it (why we are different):

All HUNKR Events are have a mass start. This format allows for a shared experience. Drive together, start together, finish about the same time and hang out afterwards together.

A 100k standardized distance allows for personal records, goal setting and repeat competition.

Our courses are close to population centers, and feature beautiful terrain. Iconic roads and paths play a big part in course set up.

HUNKR courses are designed so the racers will never have to stop. This allows you to chase your PR and not worry about the rest of the world.

HUNKR events feature prize money for the top performers, as well as FUNKR team competitions.

Racers under 23 race for $23. Keeping the cost light for the younger cyclist makes it easier to stay engaged in the sport.

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Join us in  LA for @hunkrraceseries 100km of Adventure Gravel Bike Racing! November 10.


Join us at @hunkrevents for 100k of Adventure Gravel Bike Racing!!  Next Race is Gravel Saturday, November 10.


Join us at HUNKR: LA  for @hunkrevents 100k of Adventure Gravel Bike Racing!  Next Race is Saturday, November 10.

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